Radical Muslims Stone Peaceful Christians In American Heartland

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The American heartland has become a haven for Muslims, and in turn, the wellbeing of Christians is threatened on a daily basis. This video shows the brutal way a group of Christians was treated when they had the audacity to attend the Muslim Arab Festival in Dearborn, MI.

As the crowd of radical Muslims threw various blunt objects at the Christian men, law enforcement did little to quell the violence. In fact, when police did step in, it was not to render aid to the Christians, who were clearly being persecuted, but to threaten the men with a citation if they did not quit using their megaphone to profess the word of God.

“Let’s beat the shit out of them!” shouted a radical Islamist in the crowd, completely annihilating any argument that his is a religion of peace. As the crowd of radical Muslims continued to assault the Christian men with increasing fervor, the cops were nowhere to be seen. It looks like a sight which you might expect in a Middle Eastern country, but incredibly, this atrocity unfolded right here in Obama’s America.

Even young children were complicate in the stoning; proof that Muslims are brainwashed to perpetrate violence against Christians from an early age. “You’re a little piece of shit,” said one boy who looked to be no more that 8-years-old. “You ain’t nothing bitch. You’re a piece of trash,” said another child.

The kids also joined in vulgar chants towards the Christian men, shouting “fucking pussies” at the top of their lungs. Clearly, the brave men were nothing of the sort, enduring every brutality the crowd dished out.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the footage, is that while the event commanded substantial police presence, law enforcement made no move to help the Christian men being attacked. The police literally stood by and allowed the Muslims to throw eggs, soda cans, milk crates and more at them.

This is crystal clear evidence that while Muslims profess to only want equal treatment, they have no intention of living peacefully with others from different religions.

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