Liberals Accuse Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Of Racism

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The angry liberals of America hit a new low this week when they accused Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition of racism.

Liberal feminazi site Jezebel made these accusations after photos from the magazine were leaked that showed models posing on seven different continents. Liberals say that these images use members of different races as simple props.

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“Jezebel argues that the magazine is perpetuating racial stereotypes by drawing power and class lines between the Westernized models and the “primitive locals” and points to a long history of media using people of various ethnicities as ‘extras,'” wrote Yahoo News.

Reactions to the photos have been mixed. While some believe it’s just a fun, exotic shoot, others think it perpetuates harmful stereotypes.


“Some of the examples are reaching a bit…the one with the boat….why pick that for China?” asked one commenter. “Especially when everything I read about China is how they’re an industrial powerhouse.”

What do you think of the photos? Are they racist, or completely harmless? Sound off in the comments below!

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