Officials Announces Ebola Virus May Become Airborne

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The United Nation’s Ebola Chief has raised the nightmarish prospect that the Ebola Virus could quickly become airborne if we do not get it under control soon.

The longer the virus keeps infecting people unchallenged, the more likely it is that Ebola will mutate and become airborne. The UN also warned that the globe has about “four weeks” to stop Ebola before it “completely out of control.”

Anthony Banbury, the Secretary General’s Special Representative, said, “The longer it moves around in human hosts in the virulent melting pot that is West Africa, the more chances increase that it could mutate.”

“It’s a nightmare scenario, and unlikely, but it can’t be ruled out.”


Banbury added that he has never seen anything this terrifying in his entire career.

“In a career working in these kinds of situations, wars, natural disasters- I have never seen anything as serious or dangerous or high risk as this one.”

The UN’s warnings come just hours after it was revealed that the Ebola virus may have spread to Hawaii. If we are not able to get this under control very soon, it could be the end for us all…

What do you think of the UN’s warning? Will we be able to beat this virus? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: The Daily Mail

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