Centcom Releases New Footage Showing True Magnitude Of U.S. Airstrikes

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U.S. Central Command has released four new videos via their YouTube account, which show massive airstrikes against ISIS militants in the Middle East. The new footage is the latest of more than 20 similar video detailing the military action against the Islamic State.

The Daily Mail described the airstrikes:

The footage, which was posted to Centcom’s YouTube account, shows missiles destroying vehicles and buildings used by the terror group in both Syria and Iraq.

In one clip a tank driven by the militants is seen being destroyed, while in another a small vehicle explodes into flames having suffered a direct hit. Both attacks took place on roads in Iraq.

Elsewhere a missile is filmed slamming into an ISIS-held building near the Syrian border town Al-Hasaka, and a weapons storage facility also in Syria is seen being destroyed.

Each time Centcom has released new footage of the U.S./Arab coalition against Islamic State militants, the public has delighted in witnessing the brutal terrorists get blown to smithereens. Let us know what you think of this footage in the comments section!

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