Holder’s Last Action As Attorney General Could Cost American Lives

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The world was shocked when Eric Holder, Attorney General and slave to Obama’s agenda, resigned from his position as the head of the DOJ. It looks as though his resignation did not come before he was able to do a maximum amount of damage at the Justice Department, the extent of which is far greater than we had previously known.

Holder has set into motion a policy against racial and religious profiling during federal investigations, which will impede intelligence officials in the difficult task of keeping Americans safe after such events as 9/11 and the Fort Hood shooting. This policy will also make it exponentially more difficult to stop terror attacks before they happen, taking American lives in the process.

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In wake of the Islamic State’s rise in the Middle East, their threats to kill any American standing in the way of their global domination, and recent reports that the terrorist organization is actively recruiting followers at mosques in the heartland of our country, the threat of Islamic terrorism must be closely monitored. ISIS is in the United States already. If we don’t locate the radicals who wish death on America, civilians are the ones who will pay the price.

Holder’s policy would prevent federal intelligence officials from investigating Islamic places of worship without probable cause. The fact that they want to kill all the infidels is not probable cause in Eric Holder’s book. So it comes down to this: terrorists will have to perpetrate another attack on Americans before the government – which is responsible for keeping us safe – will investigate them. Of course, by that time, it will be too late. The blood will already be shed.

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Holder is expected to announce the new policy shortly, assuming it is approved by Obama and the Department of Homeland Security. Hopefully, enough of the President’s top advisers implore him to scratch the detrimental policy that Obama sees it for what it is; namely, a monumental threat to the safety of all Americans.

Still, it is unlikely that the Department of Justice will ditch the policy at this point, despite it’s negative press. We have repeatedly seen the Obama Administration put political correctness before national security, which has left our nation weaker than ever before. Tell us what you think of Holder’s policy against racial and religious profiling in the comments section.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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