‘Duck Dynasty’ Couple Shares Awkward Details Of First Sexual Encounter

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Missy and Jase Robertson haven’t been shy about the fact that they waited until their wedding night to have sex. In fact, the couple have spoken out about their story, using it to encourage others to remain abstinent until marriage. Now, the famous parents have dished on just what it was like to be intimate for the very first time on their wedding night.


After many years together, Missy and Jase keep the romance alive by showing one another affection.

The Duck Dynasty stars have been together since they were teenagers. “It took me a little while because I thought, there’s no way I can meet somebody at 16 and know,” Missy commented in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. “But the more we started dating, our relationship became a very spiritual one, so we knew that there was something different about it,” she furthered.


Missy and Jase have been fervent advocates of saving sex for marriage.

Missy explained that as early on as their second date, Jase made it clear he would respect her innocence. “Jase looked at me in his truck and he said, ‘I just want you to know that I’m not going to lay a hand on you.’ And I said, ‘Well good, because I’m not going to let you.'” Missy continued, “We realized we had the same commitment of staying pure until our wedding night. We encouraged and supported each other.”


Missy and Jase Robertson on their wedding day.

Jase admits that waiting until his wedding night wasn’t at all easy. “It was really hard…I’ve never had anything else in my life requiring that amount of self-discipline and self control!” remarked the veteran Duck Commander.


The family’s rise to fame has not affected their down-to-earth Christian values.

Understandably, things were just a little awkward when the time finally came to do the deed. Jase called the couple’s wedding night “funny” and Missy admitted that their first time was laughable. “But it wasn’t too bad, because I knew that he’d never done it either,” said Missy. “I wasn’t embarrassed. I wasn’t the only one having to learn. We look back and laugh now. We laughed that night too, like, ‘What are we doing? I don’t know. Let’s try this!’”


The couple, together since they were teenagers, now has three beautiful children.

Missy and Jase, who now have a beautiful family, appear to have worked out all the kinks. Jase says his three kids get to bear witness to the loving relationship their parents still have. “I flirt with her. I kiss her,” said Jase. “I pat her on the rear in front of my kids. They’re like, ‘Oh, that’s gross,’ and I usually say, ‘Hey, it’s not too gross or you wouldn’t even be here.” He added, “We do that because we want to show them that sex is not a dirty thing. It’s a beautiful thing.”


The Robertsons have been open with their children about sex.

In addition to being exceptionally open about their sex lives, Missy and Jase captured the hearts of their fans by sharing their experiences with their daughter’s birth defect and their previous miscarriage.


Missy and Jase have been open about their experience raising a daughter who has a birth defect.

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