‘Duck Dynasty’ Matriarch Admits To Having “Bastard” Son Out Of Wedlock

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For a special collector’s edition of Us Weekly magazine, the Robertson family matriarch sat down for a very personal interview. Miss Kay, as she is affectionately known by family members and fans of Duck Dynasty, revealed that she birthed her first child out of wedlock. It was a startling admission for the strictly Christian woman.

“When I made a vow to God and to [Phil], it was March 22, 1964,” she divulged. “It wasn’t legal. That’s the truth. We didn’t do the legal papers until April 11, 1968, after Alan, my oldest, was born.”

Miss Kay continued:

“Alan says, ‘Yeah, I would be the B [bastard] in the family’. But I want to tell you something. My heart and my vow to God was true from the first day. People ask, ‘When was your mama’s wedding?’ and the boys say, ‘Which, the pioneer wedding or the regular wedding?’”

That “bastard” son is now a well-regarded Christian preacher. Alan Robertson is not featured on the family’s popular reality show, as he chooses to largely stay out of the media spotlight. However, he does make appearances on Duck Dynasty from time to time. In perhaps his most memorable episode, he presided over a wedding ceremony thrown for his parents by their children. The couple never had a wedding celebration when they were first married, so their kids came together to throw one for Phil Robertson and Miss Kay.

Does this new information change your opinion of Miss Kay? Or do you admire her more now, for being so honest? Sound off in the comments section.

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