Muslim Punches Preacher For Exposing Muhammed As Child Molester

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This video shows very clearly that Muslims have no intention of existing amicably with individuals of other religions.

A Christian preacher stood outside in a busy pedestrian area to bring the word of the Lord to anyone who would listen. He was also kind enough to provide a microphone for anyone wishing to ask him questions regarding the Bible or the Christian faith. He may not have expected that this gesture would land him with a black eye.

The video begins with a crazed Muslim woman firing ill-informed questions at the preacher, without ever pausing to hear his response. As the woman goes on and on, it becomes quite clear that she is either on drugs or has some sort of personality disorder.

Finally, she shuts her trap, but when the preacher begins to answer her questions, she becomes enraged. It is clear that the woman was never in search of understanding.

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When the preacher exposed to the crowd which had gathered that the woman’s prophet, Mohammed, was no more than a child molester, the woman lost her nut. She punched him in the face and likely would have continued with the assault had her friend not stepped in to pull her back.

The preacher was not off-base with his comment about Muhammed. The man was in his fifties when he took a 9-year-old child bride and repeatedly raped her. This is noted in the Koran. Muslims take no issue with it. They worship a pedophile.

As the preacher explains after being assaulted by the crazy Muslim woman, Islam is no religion of peace. The video culminates with the arrest of the Muslim woman, a welcome ending.

Let us know what you think of the religion of peace in the comments section.

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