Even Obama’s Secret Service Dogs Don’t Want To Protect Him

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According to ABC News, even the Secret Service dogs are having problems.

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Via Mediaite:

A new report showed that 42-year-old White House fence jumper, Omar Gonzalez, carrying a knife, made it further into the residence than had previously been thought nearly two weeks ago.

In light of the revelation, ABC News published “7 Questions for Secret Service Director Julia Pierson After White House Intrusion.” One of them: Why weren’t the Secret Service dogs unleashed on Gonzalez when he was barreling toward the first family’s home?

Essentially, the dogs couldn’t be trusted to get the right guy.

Sources have reported that Secret Service officers were afraid the dogs would attack the officers pursuing Gonzalez instead of the intruder himself.

The team of dogs tasked with assisting the Secret Service in keeping the President safe are a breed which is widely-regarded as the most intelligent, loyal, and fierce in the world. There is no reason that the Secret Service Belgian Malinois dogs would be incapable of performing, assuming they have been properly trained. It appears as though they have not been.

The fact that the entire world now knows of the Obama Administration’s weak Secret Service, certainly is not helping the President’s reputation for being a world-class pansy. Perhaps the Secret Service has been lax in their efforts to keep the First Family safe, because a certain under-qualified Commander in Chief does not command an ounce of respect.

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