Meet The “Batman” Who Organizes Armed Neighborhood Watches

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The city of Detroit, Michigan has become known as one of the most dangerous cities in America ever since their economic decline ravaged the area. Sick of violent thugs running loose all over the city, one man decided to take action.

Walter Gildersleeve created Detroit Street Watchers, a group of ordinary citizens who conduct armed neighborhood patrols. Gildersleeve posts videos of all his crime-fighting encounters on youtube, and has earned the nickname “Batman” from his adoring fellow citizens.

Gildersleeve likes to drive around with a loudspeaker, yelling to passersby that his goal is “making sure no one is in these abandoned houses, taking back our street, our community.”

Gildersleeve says he started his mission a few years ago, when a young girl in his community went missing.

“I remember a search a few years ago for a baby girl, Bianca. I got into that search for her. I got real emotional. We never found her, but I never gave up.”

Other members of his community have expressed their gratitude at having someone like Gildersleeve in their lives.

“We’ve got a real man out here protecting the streets,” said one female neighbor of Gildersleeve’s.

When asked if having “Batman” around made her feel safer, the woman answered with a resounding “Yes.”

H/T: Ben Swann

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