Obama’s Secret Service Exposed As Drunken Buffoons


September 30, 2014 12:13pm PST

We already knew the White House was a zoo, but we had no idea it was THIS bad.

This week it has been revealed that Obama’s Secret Service is almost as big a mess as his administration. Two weeks ago, a knife-weilding loon broke into the White House and managed to run around the first floor of the home before he was finally taken down by the Secret Service.

The intruder, Omar Gonzalez, managed to leap the fence and limp across the lawn to the White House as sharpshooters and federal agents did nothing but watch. He then ran past a guard, into the house, and proceeded to do a lap of the first floor before he was finally tackled by a Secret Service Agent in the East Room.

Luckily, he ran right past the staircase leading to the President’s living quarters. Had he taken a left upon entering the White House, he would have come face to face with Barack Obama himself.

The man was later revealed to be an Iraqi war veteran who wanted to warn Obama that “the atmosphere is collapsing.” Instead, he exposed the Secret Service as a pack of idiots who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

After this incident, it was revealed that in 2011 shots fired at the White House went unnoticed for days after. The Obamas were not home at the time of the incident, but their daughter Malia was. No one noticed that the house had been hit until four days after the shooting, when a maid noticed broken glass.

Stories have also come out of Secret Service agents having wild parties during trips overseas with the President. During a 2012 trip to Colombia, 11 agents were sent home after they were caught drinking and sleeping with prostitutes during the week leading up to Obama’s visit.

During one of Obama’s trips to Amsterdam, one of his agents became so drunk that he passed out in a hotel hallway.

No wonder other countries hate us so much. If they judge us based on our President and his staff, we must look like drunken fools!

If Obama cannot even run his own household properly, how can we expect him to run our country??

On the other hand, we can’t blame the Secret Service agents too much. If my job was to follow Barack Obama around all day, I’d drink myself into oblivion too…

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H/T: Telegraph


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