Hobby Lobby Shuts Up Loudmouth Liberals In Epic Way

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Ever since the infamous Hobby Lobby birth control decision, liberals everywhere have taken great pleasure in hating on the chain store every chance they get.

That may be about to change, however, after the Hobby Lobby made a decision this week that is sure to shut libtards up for good: they raised their minimum wage for employees to double that of the nation.

That’s right, “big, bad” Hobby Lobby will now be paying it’s employees $14 an hour. Their part time employees will make $9.50 an hour, a salary unheard of at most other chain brands.

Hobby Lobby CEO David Green said in a statement, “We are very fortunate to be able to increase hourly wages for our employees, because we know our company would not be successful without the great work they do each day in our stores across the nation.”

It’s always great to see a company rewarding it’s workers for their hard work without taking government aid. This is going to make it very difficult to argue that Hobby Lobby doesn’t care about it’s employees…

Take that, Libtards!

What do you think of Hobby Lobby’s latest decision? Will this make liberals back off? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: The Conservative Tribune

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