Zimmerman’s Family Reveals Life Of Constant Paranoia, Death Threats

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George Zimmerman, a Mexican-American man, fatally shot black teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, in 2012. Though the shooting was justified, as Martin was dishing out a brutal beating to the neighborhood watchman, the black community was up in arms over the death of the young thug. President Obama did not help the situation, by weighing in on the boy he said “could’ve been me.”


George Zimmerman fatally shot unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, FL.

After a very controversial and highly-publisized trial, Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter last summer. Though he was cleared of all charges, the Left has made sure that his life never returns to normal. He and his family live in a constant state of fear, hiding from those who are still angry over the death of Martin.

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The only “justice” acceptable in the eyes of the black community was a guilty verdict and lifelong prison sentence for Zimmerman.

The Zimmerman family has now opened up about the way they are forced to live, and from the sounds of it, prison might have been easier. The family has become so accustomed to the constant threat of danger, that they have developed a color-coded threat ID system: Code Blue (there is law enforcement at the door), Code Brown (draw your weapons), and Code Black (come out guns blazing).


Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, divorced him two weeks after his acquittal.

Bob Zimmerman, the family patriarch, revealed to GQ that he lives in constant fear:

“I am sure there are people, you know, some young kid that has nothing going for him, but he’s able to get a pistol, wants to make a name for himself. Maybe I’ll kill one of the Zimmermans. Maybe George, maybe one of his family members. I’ll be famous.’ You know? That happens. And that’s what worries me.”


George Zimmerman’s mother, Gladys (left), and father, Rob (right).

Robert Zimmerman, Jr. bears an strong resemblance to his brother, and was told by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after the shooting, “You need to go, and you need to go now.” After a $10,000 bounty was placed for Zimmerman’s ‘citizen’s arrest’, the family went into hiding. They still live in a safe house, which they rarely leave. They almost never see Zimmerman.

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Robert Zimmerman, who bears a strong resemblance to his sibling, believes that his brother suffers from PTSD.

The family is also battling financial issues. They were forced to spend $35,000 on hotels to hide out after the shooting, but that number is minuscule compared to the $2.5 million they owe in legal fees. To make matters worse, Zimmerman’s notoriety makes his chances of obtaining work next to impossible. “When your name, Social Security number, and everything is out on the Internet, it’s hard to do anything,” explained Bob.


Zimmerman’s family still resides in a safe house in central Florida.

The family owned guns before Zimmerman became the poster child for the Left’s incessant campaign for gun control, but they have since added to their arsenal of over ten firearms. Due to an ongoing federal investigation into Martin’s death, Zimmerman worries that a civil rights lawsuit could be brought against him. “He’s worried,” Bob disclosed, “that if FBI agents come and kick in his door, he’s probably gonna shoot a few of them.”


Zimmerman’s family members suggested he use his notoriety to land a reality television gig to assist with the monumental legal bills resulting from his highly-publisized trial.

This summer’s riots in Ferguson, MO, resulting from the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of a white police officer, gave new fuel to the fire for the race-baiters who still had not gotten over the Trayvon Martin narrative. Martin’s mother made headlines for joining Brown’s family in the media spotlight after the fatal shooting of the college-bound teen. Darren Wilson, the white cop who shot Brown, is inevitably in store for a future like Zimmerman’s. The only “justice” the black community will except is a lifetime of torture – no matter whether the shooting was lawful or not.

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