Muslim Attacks Christian Preacher, Then THIS Happens

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This disturbing video shows an angry Muslim attack a Christian street preacher, but what happens next is shocking.

A group of Christians are trying to protest  peacefully when an aggressive Muslim steps in and starts screaming that Jesus was a Muslim who worshipped Allah. Skip to the 4:45 mark to see the situation escalate to physical violence.

Perhaps even more shocking than the behavior of the Muslim is the behavior of the cop on duty who lets him get away with it! Even though the Muslim guy was clearly in the wrong, it is the Christian preacher who is arrested for battery.

Watch as the stunned preacher protests that he has the entire assault caught on video. The cop, however, says that he doesn’t even want to see it. Clearly afraid of offending the Muslim, the police officer goes the “safe” route of taking the Christian off to jail.

What is happening to this country…


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