Cop Tasers Deadly Pitbull, Saves Family

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A brave cop tasers an aggressive pitbull that is terrorizing a family in this shocking video.

By the time police arrived on the scene, the dog had already chewed his way through a bedroom door and bitten three members of the Rose family.

Deputy Trevor Jacob later reported that Georgia Rose, 36, “had visible bite marks on both of her hands and wrists” and that Thelma Rose, 62, “had injuries on her head and left wrist.”

The terrified women then locked themselves in the bathroom with a baby as they waited for police to arrive. The video begins with Lloyd Rose trying to secure the dog as it bites him on the arm repeatedly.

Seeing the chaotic scene, Officer Jacob realized he had no choice but to take drastic action. He tasered the dog, giving the family time to escape.

“As the Taser was cycling, I ordered everyone to move back and to get in the house,” Jacob said in his report. “As Lloyd was walking to the front door the Taser cycle ended and the dog got back up and advanced toward Lloyd. I then used another cycle of the Taser to keep the dog from harming Lloyd again.”

The dog was then taken into animal control custody and was later euthanized.

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H/T: Liveleak


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