Obama Embarks On Race-Baiting Extravaganza: Too Many White Cops

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President Obama took time out of his very busy schedule of golfing and campaigning, to attend the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual awards dinner on Saturday night. As you can imagine, the event was filled with more race-baiting than an Al Sharpton press conference.

Obama made special mention of the black community’s perpetual mistrust of law enforcement, especially after this summer’s fiasco in Ferguson, MO. “It makes folks who are victimized by crime and need strong policing reluctant to go to the police because they may not trust them,” Obama remarked. “And the worst part of it is it scars the hearts of our children,” the President continued.

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Finally, Obama spoke a bit of truth, saying, “That is not the society we want. It’s not the society that our children deserve.” He’s right. Our children and grandchildren do not deserve to deal with the travesty that is Obama’s America.

The fact that Obama always makes the time to perpetuate his racist agenda at high-dollar minority events is disheartening, considering the fact that he blew off the funeral of the highest ranking military official killed in combat in decades. He also took his sweet time developing a strategy on how to combat ISIS in the Middle East, all while penciling in one campaigning trip after another. Obama has made his priorities painfully clear, much to the dismay of American patriots everywhere.

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