Billary’s Grandbaby Gives GOP Reason to Celebrate


September 29, 2014 4:39am PST

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinksy may be the GOP’s dream come true. As former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is the heir apparent to the Democratic Presidential Candidacy, it seems only one tiny person could keep her from running. As the country drools over another celebrity baby, conservatives should pause and hope that perhaps being a grandmother will prove more fulfilling than a 3rd term for Billary in the White House.

Coined as the first mash up of couple¬† names way back in “the day”, the title is strangely appropriate. Between “not baking cookies” and asserting her plans for universal healthcare, Hillary Clinton was an activist First Lady like no one before her. Sure, Michelle Obama’s dietary recommendations and initiatives are getting a lot of press, but Hillary did it first and with fervor. She created a co-Commander in Chief sort of role for herself. Wonder if she will show former President Clinton the same deference should we find them occupying the White House again?

Many are criticizing the NY Post Cover announcing the birth of a 3rd generation Clinton: “Another Liberal Crybaby for Dem Clintons”. Surely this headline was in jest, but it is likely accurate. Baby Charlotte is all but destined to be a liberal. Even the formerly publicity averse mother of the Clinton grandbaby has been carrying on the Clintonian mantle of liberalism of late. Being paid up to $75,000 per speech, it begs the question, what does Chelsea Clinton have to say that is worth $75K a gig? She reportedly donates all speaking proceeds back to the Clinton Foundation, but still.

To be fair, Democrats should also take hope in little Charlotte. Perhaps with Sec. Clinton occupied as senior matriarch, some new blood and fresh ideas can emerge in their party as well. One can hope.


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