Obama Plotting to Limit Gun Sales and Infringe 2nd Ammendment Rights

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Operation Choke Point is a controversial “initiative” enacted in 2013 supposedly aimed at businesses at the highest risk for fraud, i.e. dating services, pharmaceutical sales, tobacco sales, and, of course, gun dealers. On the surface, one might assume that such a law was necessary and would incorporate sufficient safe guards as to protect the rights of law abiding citizens while catching the “bad guys.” One would be wrong.

Not exactly a “law”, this operation is called an “initiative” of the Department of Justice. The impetus for such a program appears to be regulation of everything all the time and this “initiative” specifically addresses banks, credit card processors, and the like.

Effectively, this non-law is a means by which the federal government can regulate banking and those businesses with whom banks have relationships without actually going to Congress to pass legislation. Limiting a payday lender’s ability to charge a 400% interest rate may be a good thing, but when this “initiative” can be used to influence gun sales and other legal, moral, Constitutionally protected activities, there is a  problem.

It seems the devices one can attach to a smart phone to accept credit cards are becoming a point of concern. Some companies who make this device and/or provide the processing services for it are declining to permit legal gun purchases from being processed in this way. This action will have a detrimental impact on small gun shops and legal vendors at gun shows.

This “initiative” is just one more evidence that the current occupants of the White House are beyond help. The very justice department that has been caught red-handed running guns into Mexico is attempting to stifle legal gun sales to American citizens. Hypocrisy at its finest.

h/t: conservativetribune.com

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