Parents Attacked By Muslim For Singing This Song To Autistic Daughter

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A couple of young parents were riding the bus with their 15-month-old autistic daughter, when the toddler became upset. In an effort to calm her, Nick Barnfield and Sarah Cleaves began quietly singing the theme song to her favorite cartoon, Peppa Pig. What happened next is a clear sign that radical Islam has permeated Western society to an alarming degree.


Nick Barnfield and Sarah Cleaves quietly sang the ‘Peppa Pig’ theme song to their 15-month-old autistic daughter, Heidi.

A Muslim woman wearing a hijab approached the parents and did not hold back as she chastised them for their song choice and labeled them as racist in front of all the other passengers on the bus. “A lady came up to us and quite aggressively started telling us we were irresponsible parents and that we were being racist singing the song,” Barnfield said.

The Muslim woman was offended by the snorting sounds made in the theme song. Because pork is forbidden in the Islamic religion, she took offense to the pig noises, even though they were not even remotely directed towards her.

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Reports surface on a daily basis of Muslims imposing their views on others of different religions. In one startling example, a Muslim fast food worker attacked a woman who tried to order bacon on her sandwich. This woman on the bus appears to be just as radical.

Unfortunately, the extremist woman’s attack on the innocent parents didn’t stop there. She complained to the bus driver, who shockingly took her side to avoid a confrontation. He made the couple get off the bus and walk two miles to their home. Apparently, he feared that the Muslim woman could become violent, as Islamists have been known to do in the past. “We were really embarrassed, ashamed and upset and we hadn’t done anything wrong, just trying to make our little girl happy, but people were looking at us as if we had done something wrong,” the parents said.


The incident occurred on a bus in the UK, though similar altercations instigated by Muslims happen daily in the U.S. as well.

This disturbing ordeal took place in the UK, where insane immigration and asylum laws have allowed Muslims to take over the society in recent decades, according to Top Right News. Similar incidents occur regularly in the United States as well, due to a leftist agenda which bends over backwards to accommodate Muslims.

You can listen to the theme song from Peppa Pig above and decide for yourself if these parents were in fact racist for singing it to their child. Be sure to let us know what you think of this report in the comments section.

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