Bill Maher Attacks Liberals and Islam, Defends Evangelical Bakery Owners

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In a rare moment of lucidity, Maher seems to side with most rational humans against the multi-cultural movement and their selective intolerance. Although the video begins with a rather lighthearted look at an act most Christians would find horribly offensive, Maher’s point is well taken.

Any public figure, restaurant owner, or talk show host using any racially, sexually, or otherwise “charged” language will be immediately called upon to publicly apologize and liberal activists will arrange demonstrations and boycotts. Maher takes liberals to task stating that in America we “lose our $#!!” over a statement and completely ignore the female mutilation and honor killings of the Muslim world. You may not care for his language, but most conservatives have been trying to make this argument for  decades. “Majoring in the minors” has become a full-time job for some who label themselves “liberal”, but Maher challenges the definition of “liberal” today.

Good for him. Its about time he used his considerable platform to ignite a conversation that might actually lead somewhere among the young, uninformed, and apathetic who are his target audience. Multi-culturalism is killing the United States and the World. Some practitioners of Islam need to be called out and must be forced to assimilate if they wish to live in Europe and the U.S. If they want to live like its the 7th Century, they can stay right where they are. Sharia law must never be tolerated in an effort not to offend. We are a nation of laws, not of men, after all. And, we are supposed to be a nation not based in any religion or showing preference to it.

Good job, Bill Maher. Be careful, you came dangerously close to supporting those Evangelical Christian bakery owners. We wouldn’t want America’s most outspoken Atheist to cross that line.


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