Hot Military Wife Outrages Liberals With One Epic Tweet

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A few months ago, military wife Holly Fisher outraged liberals everywhere by tweeting a photo of herself in a pro-life T-Shirt holding a Chic-Fil-A cup in front of a Hobby Lobby.

This week, Fisher was up to her old tricks again when she posted a picture of herself holding a gun and blasting ISIS.

The tweet is already going viral, and while conservatives are rallying behind the young military mother, liberals are calling the image offensive. Angry Liberals have taken to twitter to threaten and berate Fisher, but all they’re doing is proving that they are not the “open-minded” people that they claim to be.

Instead, all they’re showing is that they’re missing the point of Fisher’s tweets. As a military wife, Fisher has no desire to go to war. All she’s saying is that if we are forced to take on ISIS, America will win.

What do you think of Holly Fisher’s latest tweet? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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