Thug Rapist Walks Into Court With A Smirk, Then THIS Happens

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Cowardly thug Kevin Rios was on trial for robbing and raping a prostitute in 2006. The cocky young punk proceeded to smirk his way through the entire trial, that is until the jury found him guilty.

With his life now in the Judge’s hand, Rios changed his tune and began to cry like a little baby.

“I don’t know what I’d do if that was my sister,” Rios told the court before he whined about his “supportive family.”

Rios then told the judge that he “hopes to help others” someday. Miraculously, he said he dreams of one day working with children, despite the fact that he is a convicted rapist.

The prosecution, however, pointed out that Rios was a violent thug who had no regard for anyone but himself.

“The defendant has affected [the victim’s] life forever,” prosecutor Coleen Balbert said. “This crime was a particularly brutal and vicious act.”

Ironically, Rios almost got away with this crime. He was only caught years later, after he raped a young babysitter. The DNA linked him to the 2006 rape, and in the end it sealed his fate.

The Judge wasn’t buying his waterworks and sentenced the thug to 12 years in prison.

“He has never once taken responsibility for either of his actions,” the judge said afterwords.

I’m sure 12 years in prison will give Rios a whole lot more to cry about…

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