You Won’t Believe What Police Did To Reverend Praying For His Dead Son

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This report is incredibly disheartening. It will definitely make you question whether or not you can ever truly trust the law enforcement officers enlisted with the job of keeping the American public safe.

Earl Baldwin and his wife found themselves in the midst of every parent’s worst nightmare when their son was shot in the chest while trying to break up a street fight. 23-year-old Mileek Grissom was rushed to the emergency room of UPMC Mercy Hospital, but it was too late to save his young life.

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As Grissom’s lifeless body lay on a cold hospital bed, Baldwin began to pray over his son. That’s when the police showed up and turned the man of God’s already horrific day into a living hell.

Authorities ordered Baldwin to leave his son’s side, but the Reverend would not interrupt his prayer. Instead of allowing the grief-stricken parent a quiet moment to honor his son, the police tased him, causing him to fall to the floor.

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“I needed to tell him his family was going to be OK,” Baldwin said. “I was going to do everything I could to make sure they were OK.”

Grissom’s family has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the police officer who tased Baldwin. Do you think the family deserves to see justice for what law enforcement put them through? Tell us in the comments section.

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