Barack Obama Hates Christianity, Expert Reveals Why

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This video reveals why The White House is against Christianity, and also explains Obama’s obsession with Muslims. Experts say that the Obama administration is weary of Christianity because the religion encourages people to think for themselves.

Of course, this is the last thing that Barack wants…

Lee Rockwell, a noted political analyst, says that Obama wants a national religion like the ancient Egyptians had, where the government was effectively their God. As a result, the President will never be satisfied until Christianity is extinguished and we are all bowing down to him as our God.

Some believe this is why Obama has allowed ISIS to get as far as they have, and also passed domestic policies that make things difficult for Christians.

The Obama anti-Christ will not be happy until Christianity is gone for good, but we will NOT let that happen!

What do you think? Does the Obama administration hate Christianity, or is this video an exaggeration? Sound off in the comments below!

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