Seven-Year Old Huntress Causes Liberal Outrage

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A seven year-old girl who is already an accomplished huntress has liberals everywhere livid.

Riley Skirkin was only 5 years-old when she first started hunting. She killed her first deer on her first time out, and she’s been hooked ever since!

For the past year, Riley’s bedroom wall was decorated with an 8-point buck, which had been her most prized kill. Unfortunately, the buck was destroyed along with her bedroom in a vicious house fire. Though she had gone into this hunting season with the goal of killing her first doe, the fire caused Riley to change her goals.

The determined youngster set out to replace the buck with another 8-pointer, and she quickly did just that!

“I was crying because I was so happy,” she said of the moment she killed her latest buck. “Very, very, really happy.”


Riley’s dad says that killing bucks comes easily to his daughter, because the animals seem to love her!

“It sounds funny but it seems like every time she goes out there’s bucks coming in to her,” Mr. Skirvin said proudly.

With an 8-point buck back on her wall, Riley can now refocus on getting a doe, but she knows it won’t be as easy as killing bucks.

“Bucks just love me,” the little girl lamented.

Though Riley is determined to get a doe, liberals are just as determined to make sure that never happens. Anti-gun activists are already livid about photos of Riley with her kills, and are prepared to do whatever they can to make sure little Riley’s hunting days are over.

What do you think of Riley’s skills as a huntress? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: The Daily Mail

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