Church Spends $160,000 In A Shocking Way

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A Chicago church found themselves with $160,000 left over in their budget. After agonizing over what to do with the money, Pastor Laura Traux came up with an unusual idea.

320 members arrived to services at LaSalle Street Church last Sunday only to get the shock of their lives: they were each given a $500 check to spend however they wish.

“Some people started to cry and I started to sweat because it sounded so crazy … I was worried that people were going to think, ‘this is stupid and silly,” Traux later said. “You’re squandering away $160,000.’ I was nervous about that but I felt this was a place of faith.”

The money was reportedly left over from a decades old real estate deal. The deal earned the non-denominational church $1.6 million, 10% of which Traux decided to give back to her congregation.

Traux told her congregants that they could do whatever they want with the money, but she also expressed her hopes that they will use it for good.

“I was just in disbelief,” Valency Hastings, a member of the church, commented. “The enormity of the responsibility of it has begun to sink in.”

Traux has faith that her congregation will handle the responsibility well, and she has high hopes for the impact this will have on other churches.

“My real hope is that other churches will swallow and jump,” Traux said. “Find some way in some place and jump with their people.”

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H/T: The Blaze 

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