Congressman Reveals Shocking Reason Holder Resigned

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After Eric Holder’s resignation on Thursday, Representative Steve Stockman has revealed what he believes to be the reason behind the Attorney General’s stepping down. “Holder has been keeping the lid on the IRS scandal so far,” Stockman said, “but I think Congress is going to find out there has been collusion between Holder’s Justice Department and the way the IRS investigations of conservatives have been pursued.”

The Conservative Tribune reports:

The Texas Republican called Holder, the only sitting cabinet official ever to be held in criminal contempt by the House of Representatives, the “stonewaller in chief of the Obama administration.”

Stockman, along with Rep. Louie Gohmert and 26 others in the House, co-sponsored Rep. Pete Olson’s bill calling for the impeachment of the attorney general over his department’s involvement in the IRS and other scandals.

Gohmert has been calling for Holder’s resignation for years, according to a statement the Texas Republican issued upon hearing of Holder’s pending resignation.

If Stockman is correct and Congress is close to implicating Holder for obstruction of justice or similar malfeasance, it could very well lead to criminal charges against the departing attorney general.

Vigilant Conservatives have known all along that Holder and Obama were together involved in some very shady dealings. Now it looks as though Holder’s resignation may be the first step in his receiving justice.

Do you think the head of the Justice Department will see any justice himself? Sound off in the comments section.

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