Mexican Man Locks Girlfriend Out Of Hotel And Rapes Her Baby

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A Mexican man has been arrested after he locked his girlfriend out of their hotel room and raped her 8-month old child.

Julio Iturralde, 27, locked Jasmin Davis out of their hotel room in Los Lunas when she went out to their car for a second. When she returned, the door was locked and she could hear her baby screaming inside.

When Iturralde finally let her in, Davis found an enormous amount of blood in her baby girl’s diaper. She wanted to rush the infant to the hospital, but Iturralde forced her to stay and the couple began smoking meth in the room.

Finally, the next morning, Davis rushed her child to the hospital, saying she was injured by another child the day before. Doctors, however, weren’t buying it and they immediately called 911.

Davis told police what happened and her boyfriend was arrested for sexual penetration of a child. The mother was also arrested for child abuse after it came to light that she had spoken to hotel personnel the night of the attack and said nothing of what happened.

The baby is still in the hospital as doctors try to reconstruct her internal organs. One doctor told the press that he had never seen anything like this before.

“When I first started in this career you would have a homicide or somebody that got beat up. Nothing of this nature – and nothing that goes to these extremes.”

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H/T: Liveleak

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