Missouri Mom Allowed Lover To Rape 4-Month-Old Baby To Death

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A Missouri couple is currently behind bars after planning the rape of an infant, who met an incredibly tragic death as a result their sexual abuse. 25-year-old Jessica Lynn Howell allowed her boyfriend, Jordan Lafayette Prince, to rape her 4-month-old daughter, even encouraging the sexual assault to take place.

Social media posts made by Howell and Prince are incredibly disturbing, in light of the baby’s death. On January 18, Howell remarked on Facebook that her daughter died “in a peaceful and loving way.” As we now know, that was hardly the case.



Howell also adamantly defended the man who raped her daughter to death, in a slew of Facebook comments posted shortly after the infant died. Any good mother would have been tearing their hair out with grief, but Howell was defending her lover.

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In a message written to her daughter near Christmastime, Howell shockingly said that she was feeling “very blessed,” despite the fact that she had just buried her tiny baby.


It appears as though this sorry excuse for a mother was trying to convince the world via social media that she would never harm her own child. For his part, Prince was doing the same. On December 5, he wrote, “This is for you baby girl…..daddy misses you….daddy loves you.”

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