The Real Reason Eric Holder Is Resigning

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After doing Obama’s bidding for over five years, Attorney General Eric Holder is ready to jump ship. Reports regarding his impending resignation began to surface on Thursday morning, leaving everyone wondering exactly why he is stepping down. Now, we may have that answer.

It appears as though Holder has finally had enough of Obama. Lest he get stuck with the regrettable Commander In Chief for the remainder of his term, Holder has made the move to resign immediately. The man who will likely replace him is Deval Patrick, the current Governor of Massachusetts. Patrick, who served as Assistant Attorney General of the DOJ under President Clinton, is not seeking reelection in his home state, allowing him to easily step in as Attorney General, while simultaneously granting Holder an easy out.

NPR reported that “A former U.S. government official says Holder has been increasingly ‘adamant’ about his desire to leave soon for fear that he otherwise could be locked in to stay for much of the rest of President Obama’s second term.”

Holder, who is the latest in a string of officials to resign during the Obama Administration, has had his reputation irreparably damaged by his association with Obama. That having been said, he is just as much to blame for his fall from grace. The once well-respected Justice Department official angered the nation with his constant race-baiting and disrespect for American patriotism. Who could forget the 2009 Black History Month speech in which he remarked that the country was “a nation of cowards” when it comes to discussions about racial tension.

Conservatives will be glad to see Holder go, but we must keep in mind that Obama is likely to appoint someone even worse to fill his shoes. When that time comes, Mr. Conservative will be the first to break the news. Let us know what you think of this report in the comments section.

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