Young Conservatives Taunt Libtard Protesters In An Epic Way

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When a group of young conservatives came upon some liberal environmentalist protesters in New York City, they decided to take action in a truly epic way.

Kings College student Campbell Moore and his friends live in The Ronald Reagan house on campus, where they are free to worship their idol in peace. Realizing that Reagan would have had no patience for the floods of libtards flocking to Wall Street to protest carbon emissions, the boys decided to organize a counter-protest.

“The house happened to possess a life-sized cardboard cutout of our role model, Ronald Reagan,” Moore told The Blaze Tuesday evening. “We also own matching 1984 campaign t-shirts.”

“A few members of the house started sending emails around suggesting that we bring ‘Ronnie’ out to defend something we all strongly believe in: capitalism. The idea was a hit, so a few of us put on our shirts and we headed to the Wall Street bull,” he added.

Of course, as soon as they caught sight of the conservatives, the “open minded” liberals immediately reacted in anger. Funny how it’s always the libtards who can’t handle an opposing opinion!

One of the conservative students said she was “bombarded by angry people” when she arrived on Wall Street and was “stunned” by “audacity of some of the protesters.”

Luckily, Moore was able to look upon the idiot libtards with humor.

“I heard many statements that stunned me and almost made me chuckle in disbelief,” Campbell said. “Outshining all the others, however, was a statement one of the protestors spoke directly to me. He claimed that Ronald Reagan was the man responsible for the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.”

H/T: The Blaze


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