The Women Of Duck Dynasty Reveal Their Sexy Secrets

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The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty are known for their strong morals and family values, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some sexy secrets behind the scenes!

Miss Kay, the matriarch of the large family, recently spoke about her confusion in her youth about sex. Raised in a time when sex was not discussed openly, Kay found herself having no idea what to do when she first dating husband Phil.


“We faced the same temptations most young people deal with when they are in love,” she said. “I did not know how to handle those feelings.”

Since she could not ask her mother about sex, Kay turned to alcohol for guidance, leading to years of alcohol abuse. While she is now past it, she thinks this could have been avoided had her family been more open.

“I wish someone had been open with me and talked about sex when I was dating Phil,” she said of her regrets. “We did have sex before we got married and I did get pregnant.”

Since having children, Kay has been open to them about her sex life as she wants them to feel more comfortable than she did in her youth. Kay and Phil even have a sign that says “Honeymoon Suite” hanging outside their bedroom door.

“Some people in our own family are still shocked by the way we talk about it,” she says. “… we’re married, and married people have sex!”


Kay is not the only Duck Dynasty wife speaking out about her sex life, Lisa Robertson had some secrets to reveal as well! The wife of pastor Alan Robertson says that her and her husband moved very fast when they met in high school. A virgin when she met him, she was shocked by Alan’s behavior on their first date.

“He did not turn out to be the gentleman I was hoping for, at least not that night,” Lisa said. “People might think I would drop a guy who acted that way like a hot rock, but I did not. I kept seeing him and soon began smoking and drinking with him.”

Lisa fell hard for the wild young Alan, saying she was “willing to do anything to please him.”

“When I say anything, I mean anything,” she added.

Soon, their wild lifestyle caught up with the couple, and Lisa had second thoughts.

“I knew the way we were living was not the way love was supposed to go,” she said, “but the fact that we were intimate convinced me we could be ‘in love’ forever…”

Their love shattered when Alan moved to New Orleans and cheated on her, temporarily ending their relationship. Though they eventually got back together, Lisa harbored resentment about the affair and had one of her own as revenge in the 1990s.

“It lasted fourteen months,” she revealed. “…[Alan] asked me to leave our home and to tell our two daughters why I was leaving.”


Lisa also publicly admitted her affair to their church, and was then rebaptized. Since then, the couple have been devoted to each other.

While the younger generations don’t appear to have as much sexual drama, they do have a few issues of their own!

“I love Jase. I don’t like the beard,” wrote Missy Robertson, wife of Jase. “I miss the days of scratch-free kisses. Besides, he’s just too cute under there!”

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H/T: Radar Online 


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