BREAKING: ISIS Releases New Beheading Video


September 24, 2014 9:46am PST

ISIS has released a video of themselves beheading a French hostage just hours after Obama called for the U.N. to intervene.

Herve Gourdel, 55, was captured by ISIS militants while hiking in the Djurdjura National Park in Algeria on Sunday. The Frenchman had arrived in the country for a vacation just the day before.

Yesterday, the terrorist group released a video in which they threatened to kill Gourdel if France did not immediately stop bombing ISIS targets in Iraq. Algerian officials launched a massive search in an effort to save Gourdel, but they were not able to reach him in time.


Gourdel was a mountain guide from Nice, a city in the South of France. He was drawn to the Algerian park that was once a hotspot for tourists before it became a hiding place for militants. However, friends say the lack of people in the area would have been a plus for Gourdel.

“I often bump into him in the mountains and he always goes to little-known areas of the massif, never on the major routes where there are people,” said his longtime friend Michel Ingigliardi.

The beheading video was released just hours after Obama gave a speech urging the world to unite against these Jihadists.

After the initial video was released on Monday, French president Francoise Hollande issued a statement saying that they would not give in to the terrorist’s demands.

“As grave as this situation is, we will not give in to any blackmail, any pressure, any ultimatum, no matter how odious, how despicable,” Hollande said. “What is at stake here is our liberty, our security and sovereignty. No terrorist group can influence the will, position or freedom of France.”

H/T: The Daily Mail



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