Michelle Obama’s Latest Innocent Victims: Special Needs Children


September 24, 2014 10:09am PST

Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunches have effectively pissed off students and parents across America. A recent report shows that $4 million dollars worth of perfectly good food is being thrown away each day by kids who refuse to eat the disgusting options the First Lady has saddled them with. Now, we have news that is even worse.

A program that was designed to help special needs kids connect with other students and learn better communication skills has been scrubbed by Moochelle. A culinary arts program in which special needs kids operate a coffee cart selling beverages and muffins to faculty and other students didn’t align with the First Lady’s health standards because some of the snacks being sold exceeded the 200 calorie allotment enforced by Michelle. So now, the children in most need of extra curricular programs such as this one, are left high and dry.

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Principal Leigh Colburn is very upset that the special needs students at his school are falling victim to Michelle’s insane health standards. He explained:

“That was the way (special education) kids interacted with (other) kids. It’s a big part of who (the special education students) were. They were learning to take orders, to make change, to make coffee, but mostly they were communicating with kids and the kids were communicating back.”

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H/T: Conservative Tribune


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