Gorgeous Miss America Contestant Schools Obama On Foreign Policy

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Miss Virginia was one of the five contestants who made it far enough in the 2015 Miss America pageant to answer a question from one of the celebrity judges. 21-year-old Courtney Paige Garrett reached into a shell-shaped container and drew the name of Anne Macdonald, a retired brigadier general, who then asked her a question regarding ISIS.

Macdonald questioned:

“The savageness of the ISIS threat to our security was demonstrated by the gruesome videos of two journalists and an aid worker being beheaded. What should our country’s response be?”

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The answer Garrett gave without hesitation has many applauding and simultaneously wishing that Obama had her same wherewithal. Garrett responded:

“This is an absolute outrage and something definitely needs to be done but I don’t think America needs to be the only one to do it. I really think it’s important for the world, for the UN to come together and decide what is the best thing we can do to really come together as a bigger and more impactful source to end this horrid, horrid, thing that is happening.”

Do you think Garrett’s answer was right on the money? Or would you liked to have seen her take a more hardline stance? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Business Insider

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