Witness Who Spoke Out About Palin Brawl Now Begging For Work

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Earlier this month, Eric Thompson attended a snowmobile party in Alaska where he witnessed the Palin family engage in a bloody brawl. When he spoke to the media, he was immediately fired from his job and left to beg for work on the street.

Before the party, Thompson, 56, worked for McKenna Brothers Paving Company. While most of the party guests stayed silent out of fear of Sarah Palin’s wrath, Thompson immediately went to Good Morning America to tell his story.

He famously said he saw Bristol Palin punch the party host six times when she was asked to leave. The brawl then descended into an incomprehensible “dogpile” as all the Palins got involved.

Just hours after the interview aired, Thompson was fired over the phone by his boss. Now, Thompson has posted a video online to tell the world his side of the story.

“I was fired for telling the truth about the Palin brawl,” he says as he wanders the streets of Anchorage with a cardboard sign.

“I feel that maybe they [the McKenna brothers] got squeezed,” he added. “Maybe Palins do wield a little more, you know, power…Anybody that’s ever come against them, they seem to just, you know, find a way to destroy them.”

Thompson has also launched an online giving page for donations to help him survive until he finds a new job. The page has already raised over $9,000 for him.

What do you think of his video? Does he deserve donations, or is he taking advantage of people? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: The Daily Mail


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