Obama Admin Stripping Wounded Warriors Of 2A Rights

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The Obama Administration is using the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to disarm veterans who have Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD). This bill, passed during the Clinton Administration, requires gun buyers to pass a background check before purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer or manufacturer.

Obama is now adding the names of wounded warriors to an official FBI/NICS restriction list that is normally reserved for criminals, which makes it impossible for these American heroes to legally purchase a firearm.

Many veterans are receiving letters such as the one below, notifying them that they are being stripped of the very rights which they fought to protect.


As Wounded American Warrior points out, veterans are unlikely to seek the mental health help they so desperately need when it means they will be unfairly targeted and have their Constitutional rights revoked.

We’ve seen countless examples of Obama’s disrespect for our country’s veterans, so this report is in no way shocking, though it is incredibly disheartening that these injustices are being done to American soldiers who have risked life and limb to protect our freedoms.

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