Home Video Surfaces Of Barack Obama’s Birth In Kenya

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A video has surfaced online that many claim shows the birth of Barack Obama in Kenya.

According to Vice, a man known only as Peter R. posted the home movie online and claims it was shot in Mombasa Kenya on August 4, 1961 by Obama’s father.

The brief clip shows a woman who bares a strong resemblance to Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, giving birth to a black baby who could easily be the President of the United States. Peter told Vice that he had been trying to get in touch with Donald Trump and other prominent birthers to get the footage more publicity.

If this footage is indeed real, it would mean that Barack Obama was not born in America like he has always said he was. This video could change the course of our nation forever, if it is indeed proven to be legitimate.

Watch the footage for yourself and see what you think. Is this video really Barack Obama’s birth, or is this just an elaborate hoax? Let us know in the comments below!

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