Taylor Swift’s Religion, Political Views Exposed

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No one can deny that Taylor Swift is a marketing genius. For all that she lacks in vocal ability, nobody seems to care, as she is well-loved for her endearing personality and catchy songwriting. Much to the delight of parents everywhere, she hasn’t gone the route of Miley Cyrus, who might as well be a porn star at this point.

Swift has maintained her ever growing popularity by doing something which most celebrities can’t seem to accomplish – she stays away from the topics of religion and politics. Shrewd for her age, the songstress realizes that by speaking out on either one of these platforms, she will inevitably offend somebody. She even encouraged her fans not to discuss religion or politics on her website:

“Just wanted to remind you guys that let’s try to avoid topics and conversations that lean towards political or religious topics. In the end, someone will inevitably get offended and this just isn’t the place for that.”

One must do a bit of research into the star’s background to figure out where she stands on the issues of religion and politics. From what we can tell, Swift is a Christian, though which denomination is uncertain. She enrolled in the Aaron Academy’s homeschooling service, which employs Christian principles, for her last two years of high school. She has also donated $250,000 to Christian schools in the past.

Swift also stood up to record label execs to get Christian band Need to Breathe on tour with her, and has written and performed many songs referring to God. Let’s not forget that the singer also briefly dated Christian darling Tim Tebow.

Swift’s politics are a bit harder to ascertain from her history, and from what we can tell, she is most likely somewhat of a Libertarian. Though she performed at the Republican National Convention in 2008, she also made a statement in an interview years back which appears to show that she’s an Obama supporter. The starlet remarked:

“I’ve never seen this country so happy about a political decision in my entire time of being alive. I’m so glad this was my first election.”

Do you think Taylor Swift has made a smart choice by keeping her religious and political preferences largely under wraps? Tell us in the comments section!

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