Revealed: Shocking Lies Behind ‘Duck Dynasty’ Upsetting Loyal Fans

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Fans were furious with the reality TV family after they skipped out on an autograph-signing event in April, which has many saying that their reputation for being down-to-earth is totally phony. Some of the other facts surrounding the Duck Dynasty clan are a bit more disturbing.


Before unruly facial hair became part of their brand, the Robertson men did not have their signature beards. After the family’s rise to fame, the bearded look became cool again, but this could all be due to smoke and mirrors.


Patriarch Phil Robertson spent eight full years during his 20’s high on drugs. Now, his claim to fame is that he is a virtuous man of God.


The poster children for a perfect marriage, Phil and Miss Kay actually separated for three months early on in their union.


Years ago, during his years of infidelity and drug use, Phil assaulted a couple during a bar fight. They were injured so badly that they were hospitalized and Phil subsequently fled the state.


Phil and Si’s mother is considered by the family to be a stain on their pristine reputation. She has been left off of their hugely popular show after she suffered a mental breakdown and was diagnosed as manic-depressive when the boys were young.


Uncle Si has admitted to his long struggle with alcohol abuse. Is that really iced tea in his cup?


Many don’t realize that Uncle Si has a son named Scott, because he has never been included in the picture-perfect family shown on Duck Dynasty. This is likely due to his suicidal tendencies. Scott “was suicidal from the time he was about five years old,” Si has said.


Do any of these startling facts change the way you feel about the Duck Dynasty clan? Tell us in the comments section.

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