Pistol-Packing Pastor Thwarts Habitual Thief

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An unlikely thief habitually tormented Texas pastor Benny Holmes by stealing the packages left on his front porch. After catching the culprit on surveillance footage more than once, the man of God decided he would sit by the window and wait as long as it took to catch the robber in action.


Eventually, his diligence paid off.

A small white woman driving a red car approached Holmes’ property. When she got out of the car and made her way towards two decoy packages the pastor had left on his porch, he made his move.

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Holmes pinned the suspect down, with his handgun drawn, and waited for police to arrive at the scene.


Oddly, the thief turned out to be a grandmother. She had brought her two grandchildren along with her in the car for what she had intended to be a drive-by robbery. She originally tried to convince authorities that she was only looking for her lost dog, but a search of her home turned up many missing packages that had been taken from porches in the area.


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