Kids Throwing Away “Staggering” Amount Of Michelle’s School Lunches


September 21, 2014 11:15am PST

Michelle Obama’s school lunch program has been lamented as the most epic failure a First Lady has ever made. While others before her have chosen causes to support, none have tried to force a concept down the throats of American children as fervently as Moochelle. That having been said, we may not have completely understood the magnitude of her colossal failure until now.

As it turns out, a whopping $4 million worth of perfectly good food is being tossed in the trash each day as a result of Michelle’s school lunch program.

Breitbart reported:

The National School Lunch Program feeds upwards to 31 million American students a day, spending nearly $12 billion annually, but many of those children are throwing away the vegetables, fruits, and snacks forced on them by the new federal nutrition standards.

Nearly 600 school districts have already dropped out of the First Lady’s lunch program, Fort Thomas Independent Schools in Northern Kentucky being one of them.

Fort Thomas School Superintendent Gene Kirchner pointed out that if the program is resulting in so much waste, then it is not very effective. “I have to think that across the country, it has to be a staggering amount of food going to waste, and I think there are people out there who could really use that food,” he said.

In fact, according to one government study, over one million kids across the country have stopped eating lunch altogether after the new standards were imposed on their schools.

Think of how many starving children could be fed each day with just the amount of food being thrown away at schools alone. Are you ready for Michelle to vacate the White House yet? Feel free to voice your disgust for this embarrassment of a First Lady in the comments section.

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