Bill Ayres Talks Smack About Megyn Kelly, She Hits Back Twice As Hard

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Although Fox News is generally thought of as more right leaning, many have a hard time refuting that Megyn Kelly is a biased reporter given the fact that she’d challenge anyone, anytime. Proving just that, she recently had on her show American domestic terrorist Bill Ayres where they spoke of his radical left wing terror organization, Weather Underground, as well as the bombing he (or his group) committed in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

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After the show however, once Kelly was no where around and unable to defend himself, Ayres exposed himself as the coward he is by bashing the Fox News host. During an interview with Lib rag Salon, Ayres noted, “She struck me as a very strange person. She’s like a cyborg constructed in the basement of Fox News. She’s very striking, but very metallic, very cold. Her eyes are very cold.”

However, Kelly’s response was pretty much spot on. Feel free to take a peek above and let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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