Hypocritical MSNBC Women FLIP When Female Domestic Abuse Brought Up

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It doesn’t take much to expose Liberal ideology of being entirely one sided, but a recent panel on MSNBC recently presented that notion rather nicely. Amidst a conversation about domestic abuse and the NFL, one guest brought up a female soccer player charged with abuse, resulting in the feminists on the panel completely losing it on national television.

Very well known by now is the fact that the NFL currently has had many frequent arrests in relation to domestic abuse marring the organization with controversy. However when Roland Martin brought up Hope Jones as she also is being charged with domestic abuse but is still being allowed to participate in her sport, the Liberal feminists on the panel nearly ripped out his throat.

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Despite the fact that Martin did not say anything to the effect that women beat men in a comparable ratio as men do, the fact that he brought up a woman domestic abuse case was simply inexcusable. This is exactly the kind of nonsense that many have come to know of Liberals as they attack when facts are brought to light that they’d rather not have out there.

Instead of rational debate and intellectual conversation, dialogue is reduced to insults and name calling. Take a peek at the video above and let us know if you understand what Martin was saying – should everyone, regardless of gender, be held to the same standards when it comes to consequences?

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