Check Out What The French Army Just Did To ISIS That Obama’s Too Afraid To Do

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As ISIS continues to develop into a more serious threat by the day, some aren’t willing to wait a day longer to fight back. Seeing Obama’s hesitance when dealing with the terrorist organization has only made America as a whole look weak, but not all are so frightened by the fight.

The French military just did what Obama had displayed he’s too scared to do – bomb ISIS.

According to LiveLeak, the French led a massive five hour assault consisting of several bombings where the two Rafale (fighter jets) had to refuel twice while still in the air. Armed with laser guided missiles, the military ravaged what known locations they knew of belonging to ISIS in a full blown attack.

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The attacks didn’t go entirely without American intervention however, as the pilots were personally guaranteed their safety – or as much of a guarantee as they could be given – by U.S. military forces. Tracked with a certain technology, when the planes were flying over hostile territory, should that have been shot down, U.S. military forces would have responded.

Furthermore, this is apparently just the beginning of the airstrikes in which the French relay will be coordinated frequently during the upcoming days/weeks. Acting closely with Iraqi military forces, as well as America and her allies, the bombings will be using the best intelligence available to strike with devastating precision.

It truly is a sad day when the French, of all nations, are quicker to become involved in a war than America – especially when American blood has been spilled on account of ISIS in the first place. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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