Taylor Swift Ticks Off Race-Baiting Liberals With New Music Video

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Though she’s not working with much in the booty department, Taylor Swift took a cue from Miley Cyrus and decided to give twerking a try in her latest music video. For some reason, that didn’t sit right with certain black liberals, who apparently think they own the dance move.

Swift features black and white backup dancers in her video, but that’s not good enough for those who think she’s too white to shake her money maker. Treva Lindsey, a professor of Women’s Gender and Sexuality at Ohio States University, took particular offense to Swift’s “Shake It Off” video. Lindsey explained to HuffPost Live:

“I think it’s the moment in the video where she goes through the legs of the women twerking. It’s the power dynamic that’s in that moment that is this very fetishizing moment, and it is this very problematic moment.”

Lindsey is referring to a moment in the video when Swift crawls on the floor through the legs of her backup dancers, as they make a tunnel. There’s nothing racist about it, considering the fact that some of the dancers are black and some are white, but the professor left that little tidbit out of her reasoning. She continued:

“In this particular moment, being underneath them and looking up has this very objectifying gaze .”

While liberals have come after Swift for the crime of being too white to twerk, Conservatives have voiced concern over the suggestive dance move being included in the singer’s music video in the first place. Swift has kept a squeaky clean reputation thus far in her career and is widely regarded as a good role model for young girls, so twerking was a risky move.

Do you think Taylor Swift should leave the twerking to Miley Cyrus next time? Tell us in the comments section!

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