New Horrific ISIS Propaganda/Execution Film Stars Masked American Man

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As ISIS continues to be a threat to America quite the eerie reality was noticed in a newly released ISIS propaganda film in which several executions were documented. Apparently leading some of the men, and starring in the clip himself, is a masked man who seems to be an American.

Recently released was a 55-minute video that they have dubbed the “Flames Of War,” in which the terrorist group known as ISIS has released. Amidst the long clip, is a masked man who speaks both Arabic and English and although it can’t be said for certain, it is thought that his accent represents that of an American.

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During the call-to-arms like video, the man can be heard saying, “In the face of the dark wave of the crusader force, the historical land of two rivers bore life to a mission that would transform the political landscape of the world.”

The entirety of the film is graphic in nature showing numerous executions of anyone they deem worthy of death. Take a peek at just the short portion above and let us know what you think – is it shocking to see an American speaking out like this?

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