Liberal Pens Absurd Open Letter: “We All Killed Michael Brown”

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A liberal who describes herself as “a white Irish woman,” has penned an open letter to her “fellow white liberal parents.” The absolutely ridiculous letter begins with the question, “You’re not a racist, but are you parenting nice kids with racist white conditioning?” At least this dimwit didn’t try to fool anyone into believing she was sane right off the bat.

She explains how she traveled the world and eventually ended up adopting “children of color,” which she says was her way of recovering from racist white conditioning. Then, she drops this bomb:

“When I think about the police officer who killed Michael Brown, I wonder how his parents raised him. To be fair, he was simply the guy who pulled the trigger; we all killed Michael Brown.”

That’s right, folks! YOU killed Michael Brown! How could you?

This libtard’s reasoning for why you and I are the culprits in the fatal shooting of black 18-year-old Michael Brown, is the fact that we, as Americans, watch movies like Frozen and How To Train Your Dragon 2, which do not feature enough black actors. Yes, that is literally her logic. She actually thinks that Michael Brown is dead today because there aren’t enough black people in Frozen. I couldn’t make up this insanity.

She continues with the race-baiting, saying, “Whether we like it or not, our world conditions us all from a point of white dominance.” I suppose it wouldn’t be a liberal rant without cries of white dominance. I really thought that the day a black man was elected as President of the United States, liberals would finally have to stop proclaiming white dominance the culprit of all that is wrong with the world. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Even though we have a society built on equality up the ying yang, apparently white dominance is still an issue.

It’s a shame that this deranged liberal nut job was allowed to adopt children, who she will likely confuse to the point of no return. You can read her entire letter here, if you haven’t had your fill of leftwing BS for the day.

Let us know what you think the “white Irish woman’s” opinions in the comments section.

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