U.S. Colonel On ISIS: “Kill Every Last One, Then Kill His Pet Goat”

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As ISIS continues to threaten America while Obama does nothing in hopes they simply just go away, it seems that some are peeved regarding Obama’s neglect. Amongst those is retired U.S. Col. Ralph Peters who stated in a recent interview that the only way to deal with ISIS is to, “kill every last one of them, then kill his pet goat.”

Although Obama would like for there to be a possibility of talking terrorists to death, unfortunately this isn’t a real solution, and the fact of the matter remains – something has to be done. As Peters made clear, in the video, “to kill them, keep on killing them until they’re all dead, and then kill their pet goat.”

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Many questions have been raised as to whether or not America can take another war, if we could afford another, but one thing is clear – ISIS is a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Over just a few short months, they were able to grow exponentially into a force that is an actual threat today.

What do you think – was Peters right? Do we kill every last one of them, or do we continue to follow down the path Obama has set before us? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

(h/t: Conservative Tribune)

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