“Don’t Take Me To The Elevator”: Heckler Interrupts NFL Conference Mocking Abuses

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By now, just about everyone has heard about the controversy surrounding the NFL, with their currently three abuse cases. In an effort to address concerns about the NFL, the football organization recently held a press conference that was comically interrupted by a heckler who put on quite the show.

Amidst a Q&A session being held by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a reported Howard Stern fan decided to interrupt by making a scene, all the while digging at the abuses charges – the reason the conference was called in the first place.

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Starting out rather quietly, it isn’t long before the man was shouting clearly, for the entirety of the room to hear, “Don’t take me to the elevator!” For those unaware, a recent video was released depicting NFL star Ray Rice punching his then-fiancé in the face.

Despite original video of the incident being made public back in February, its only now that the story has gained national attention. Now however, the entire incident has been made a mockery of.

Feel free to take a peek at the video above and let us know what you thought down below in the comments.

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